Afton’s Forget-Me-Not Program™

Did you know?  

When you purchase flowers from Afton’s Floral you are supporting the community.  A substantial part of the operating budget for Afton’s goes to supporting community programs, fundraisers and our own community care initiaties.

We have a different approach to business and community.  We believe in team work and working for the betterment of the community.  We also believe that “if you aren’t a team player you don’t belong on the team.”   And we really want to be on the team!  That is one of the reasons we started the Afton’s Forget-me-not Program™

What is the Forget-me-not Program™?

The Forget-me-not Program™ is coordinated by Afton’s Floral in conjunction with local nursing and senior care facilities.  Afton’s prepares and delivers small floral arrangements on a weekly basis to approximately 200 residents of Brigham City’s nursing and senior housing facilities.

Brigham City Florist

One of the Forget Me Not Flowers


Afton Darnell, the namesake of Afton’s Floral, was a resident of Country Lane Assisted Living here in Brigham City.  She was one of the fortunate who had visitors on an almost daily basis.   (Some of the residents go months between visitors.)  So to help spread a little cheer and love among the residents of Brigham City’s care facilities we started the Forget-me-not Program™.  Its amazing what a flower will do to brighten someones day.

How is the program funded?

The program is currently funded by Afton’s Floral.  Flowers are typically those that couldn’t be sold but can still provide enjoyment for someone.  Grandma Afton was fond of the phrase “waste not want not.”  Recycling these flowers that would be discarded is our way of continuing that tradition of wasting not.

As the program grows to include more facilities and a larger coverage area donations and volunteers would be appreciated.  Contact Kyle at 435-494-1336 to learn more.




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